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Replace all of the [prompts in brackets] with content that's specific to your API. When you've replaced all the bracketed prompts, you'll have the essentials documented sufficiently to help people use your API. If you want to work from a checklist, see the MVP checklist.

If something in this template doesn't make sense for your API, delete it! And likewise, add any sections you need based on your API's particulars. We hope our suggestions in this template will spark more ideas about documenting features of your API to help users consume it.

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If you're interested in ideas for moving beyond basic API documentation, check out [this article](link to API doc checklist article).

Don't forget to replace the text on this page with information about your API! It's the `index.html` file.


These optimal workflows walk you through a few high-impact tasks you can accomplish with your API.

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Check out these code samples for common use cases to get up and running with the API as quickly as possible.


Looking for endpoints? The reference section lists details for every endpoint in the API.